Life Coaching
Discover who you are and where you want to go in life.

Born With It star
Those little quirks you’ve had since childhood may be your key to lasting happiness and success.

Catalogue Your Activities and Achievements star
Are your activities and achievements connected to your purpose and your values?

Define What Success Means to You star
Our individual version of success is not to be judged. It’s very personal for each of us.

Discover Who You Are star
Techniques to develop self-awareness

Discover Your Life´s Work star[offsite link]

Discover Your Self -Confidence Advantage star
Like personalities, talents and interests, the characteristics of self- confidence are different for everyone.

Discovering Your Core Values star
What Makes You Tick?

Do you have a Gremlin inside of your head? star
Negative beliefs or “Gremlins” can hinder your progress as you work toward your goals. Part one of a two part article.

Do You Have What it Takes to Succeed? star
Take the seven skills survey created by Don Greene to find out what you need to realize your dreams

Don’t Just Survive, Self Actualize! star
There’s always the option to choose survival. But on the opposite side of the continuum, for those who dare to strive, there’s self-actualization.

Embrace the Mistake star
And reflect on how far you’ve come

For Everything There is a Season star
Perhaps you’re still ripening on the vine

Free Yourself from All-or-Nothing Thinking star
All-or-Nothing thinking is a product of perfectionism. According to an article on, perfectionism can ruin your health, damage your self-esteem, inhibit your creativity and transform you into a habitual procrastinator.

Identify Your Hot Buttons star
Do some people seem to know exactly how to push all of your buttons?

Inner New Year’s Resolution star
When making your list of goals don’t forget to write down your purpose

Interpreting and Integrating Life's Messages star
Learn to use what you know

Lead with Your Strengths star
Use your strengths every day in as many ways as you can

Learn Your Personality Type and Change Your Life star
If you’ve ever tried to change and failed maybe it’s because you don’t know yourself well enough. Author Kevin Leman guides readers on a journey of self discovery identifying personality type, birth order and other pertinent information that is necessary for lasting change.

Life Quest star
What are you searching for?

Magnificent Obsessions star
Is it Possible to Love Your Interests Too Much?

Negative Thought Patterns star
Use thought analysis to counter toxic thoughts.

Out Perform the Competition star
And the competition is you!

Phases and Stages star
Life is a series of passages, phases and stages. Learn from them.

Prep for Success - Heal Your Inner World star
Have you ever tried to achieve a goal and failed without having any idea what happened? It might be because of an internal conflict you are not even aware of. When you heal your inner world, you will be able to create goals aligned with what you really want to achieve.

Priorities and the Jar—a Life Coaching Story star
If you are not aware of your priorities, you could easily get tossed to and fro by life’s pressures and demands without accomplishing your goals.

Renaissance Professional star
Maybe having only one career just isn’t for you

Self-awareness star
The first step in goal attainment

Stop Bad Habits star
Become self-aware. This is the first step in stopping bad habits.

The Imposter Syndrome star
Do you have a lot of wonderful things in your life, but wonder if you really deserve them? Then perhaps you might have what’s referred to as “the imposter syndrome.”

The Purpose of Goals--Self Actualization star
Every goal completed chips bits and pieces away like a sculptor with a chisel slowly revealing a work of art, my true self.

Three Ways to Change Limiting Beliefs star
What limiting beliefs are you holding on to? These perpetual negative beliefs serve no good purpose. In fact they are downright hazardous. Below are a few of the techniques for taming those limiting beliefs for good. Conclusion of a two-part article.

To Do List Magic star
“Writing a list can be a secular version of prayer,” states Sasha Cagen. “It’s a way of letting the universe know what you want.”

What’s Your Task Type? star
Do you enjoy long range tasks, methodical tasks or quick fix tasks? Knowing the answer may increase your happiness and satisfaction with your work.

Where is Your Self-Improvement Starting Point? star
Sit down with your journal and trace your roots today!

Write 10 Rules to Live By star
You have more control over your life than what you probably realize. Define what you value and move your life in a direction that will bring you the most satisfaction.

You Name the Game star
And Play Your Strengths to the Fullest

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