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28 Day “Get it Done” Challenge with Sheila Hawkins star
“Simply put, time is money,” says Sheila Hawkins. owner of the Third Eye Group. “If you're wasting time looking for something in your files or on your computer, that's time that you're not spending on clients, and it's costing you money.”

43 Things—Website Review star
It’s a social networking website where you can set up a free account and create a list of all your goals, hopes and dreams.

Building Self-Discipline star
A Little Progress Goes a Long Way

Cleaning 101: A year round plan star
The host of Bella´s Cleaning site offers great ideas, tips, and resources for keeping up with your cleaning.

Clearing Mental Clutter star
“If you find that you have lots of ideas but not much time in which to implement them, chances are you're being adversely affected by mental clutter,” writes Maya Willis.

Create an online journal with star
“The basic idea is to keep a journal based on activities rather than plain writing,” states “All updates are made up of unique activity types that both identify exactly what the activity was, while leaving room for comments and personal notes.”

December is Procrastination Awareness Month star
“Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.”—Mason Cooley

Design a Schedule and Stick to It! star
Many professionals with multiple responsibilities often find themselves unsure of what they should be doing at any given moment. Having a schedule helps you to make those tough decisions.

Develop a Routine star
Successful people incorporate into their daily routine activities that will directly lead to the achievement of their goals.

Do Two Things at Once star
I write while I exercise, I plan while I commute. I check emails while I watch TV. I wash dishes while I cook...If it is at all possible, I always, always, always do at least two things at once.

Don’t Let That Great Idea Get Away! star
These techniques help to prevent most ideas from falling through the cracks of my busy life.

Franklin Covey Planning System star[offsite link]

Hand-Write your To-Do List star
When you’re facing an imminent deadline and can’t be bothered with the hundreds of items in your organizer, just jot down a few items on a piece of paper and focus on the short list.

How Does She Do it All? star
Have you ever seen someone who was juggling several responsibilities seemingly effortlessly and wonder how they do it? Multiple career professional, Ananda Kiamsha Madelyn Leeke tells us how.

List Organizer star[offsite link]
Provides free organizational lists that will help you to get AND STAY organized.

Longing for Simplicity star
If you´re as busy as most of us these days, slow down and think about how to simplify your life

Make Bedtime a Deadline star
According to the National Sleep Foundation when we sleep well, we wake up ready to face daily challenges.

Make Chore Time Success Time star
Use chore time to plan and move your life forward

Manage Your Distractions star
Don't stop what you're doing now to take care of something you just thought of. Instead schedule it for another time.

More To-Do List Tricks star
Try a Status Report To-do List

Multi-task with Ease star
Learn how to focus on what’s in front of you then quickly move on to the next thing.

Never Be Late Again star
You’ll feel better, produce more and have more time for fun.

New Millennium To-Do Lists star
Use the internet to boost your productivity.

Organize your Bills star
Tips and ideas from Sabrina Glidden, BellaOnline´s Organization Host

Organize Your Computer Files and Folders star
We’re headed toward a paperless society. Studies have found that both productivity and customer satisfaction increase when businesses remove paper-based systems from their practices. However you can lose work in a “messy” computer if you’re not organized.

Organize Your Workspace star
According to Kenneth Zeigler if your desk is cluttered you can lose 45 minutes every day hunting for things.

Organized star[offsite link]
Provides tips for "clutterbusting," cleaning checklists, recipes and more!

Personal Information Management and Creativity Management star
Adopt a PIM strategy and boost your efficiency!

Put Your To-Do List Away for a Day star
I can’t function at full capacity without my lists long term, but there are plenty of rewards to reap by putting them aside for one day.

Ready, Set, Organize! star[offsite link]
Clutter control, storage, kitchen, bath, and home-office organizing ideas form Better Homes & Gardens.

Schedule a Reminder star
Make sure postponed projects don’t slip through the cracks

Shape up Your Life! star
Here are some activities that can help you look at your life from a different perspective

Show Up and Be On Time star
Eighty percent of success is showing up.—Woody Allen

Structure Your Week star
Are you bombarded with so much stuff you have no idea what to do when? Try this technique: assign specific days of the week for working on certain projects. Said another way, learn how to “make” the time by creating structure.

Take Stock of Your Time star
What you discover may surprise you.

Think Ahead star
Much of life is repeated over and over again. And this repetition lends itself well to planning ahead of time.

Three Good Habits I Learned From Motherhood star
Being a parent adds at least 20 hours of work to your week. The good news is that as your available time goes down, your efficiency goes up. Below are three great time saving habits I developed when I became a mom.

Three Surprising Time Saving Tips star
Don Aslett urges readers to change a few behaviors and habits. Making these changes will not only make you a super producer as Aslett contends, you’ll also be a better person overall.

Time Management star
Time management is never really part of the job description, yet it’s an unwritten requirement—that is if you want to have a life outside of the job.

To-Do List Tricks star
Create an acronym for re-occurring items on your to-do list.

Try a Completion Task List star
Give yourself credit for everything you’ve accomplished and keep track of where you spend your time

Try this 10 Minute Productivity Technique star
The 10 minute rule not only serves to divide an unpleasant task among several people, it also helps to stave off procrastination. If I know I only have to work on a task for 10 minutes I’m more likely to do it.

Visualize What You Want to Remember star
If you want to improve your memory, visualization is a great technique to master. If you create a mental picture, concentrate on it for a moment, you are more likely to remember it later on.

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